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Heather Boyd

Through autobiographical, analog photography I am interested in making “strange" the everyday in ways that suggest how certain assumptions are culturally inherited.  The use of strangeness in this manner gives space to interrogate why we interact with spaces and objects in certain ways and provides a premise to suggest how identity is often an unstable compromise between social dictates and personal histories held within a specific historical, political, economic and social context. This conversation centers around my body as an opportunity to break away from the 

“proper” and cultural norms. Rather than a condition that must be transcended in order to attain a self-determined subjectivity, the use of the “strange” can be a position of difference. This offers a critical distance to scrutinize norms, values, and practices. In my work, events and ideas are not expressed explicitly, but implied through staged theatrical sets and symbolism. During this process, I interrogate my own image of what it means to be a woman, in American culture while confronting and examining gendered language/text, consumerism and trauma.

Features & Shows

Blue Sky Gallery, Pacific Northwest Gallery Drawer, 2022-2023

Fam Photo Studio, Mallrats, November 2022

Well Well Projects, Smart Objects/Flattened Images, September 2022, Curated by Kelda Van Patten

Well Well Projects, On the Verge of Recognition, March 2022, Curated by Kelda Van Patten and Jeremy Le Grand

Black Box Gallery, Color: Photography Now, December 2021

The Waiting Room Gallery, October 2021

Blue Moon Camera & Machine Exhibition, December 2020 - Cancelled Due to Covid-19

Blue Moon Camera & Machine, Feature, December 2020

Place Gallery, Unlimited 2019, Portland Oregon, October 2019

Glass Gallery, MFA Thesis Exhibition, Portland Oregon, June 2019

Lodge Gallery, ‘The Waiting Room’, Portland Oregon, December 2018

Pop-up Gallery at The Design Corridor, Portland Oregon, October 2018

Coaxial, Group Show at the Commons Gallery, Portland Oregon, April 2018, Curated by Leslie Vigeant

Oregon Fringe Festival, Ashland Oregon, April 2018

Lodge Gallery, Group Show, Portland Oregon, November 2017

Blue Moon Camera & Machine, Feature & Interview, September 2017

Back 2 the Base, Feature, April 2017

Lov Magazine, Feature, February 2017

Shrill Cats, Editor’s Pick & Feature, February 2017

On Film, Feature, September 2016

Love & Art Magazine, Feature, August 2016

The Rartian Gallery, Feature, June 2016

Collective Lab, Feature, May 2016

Rouse Magazine, Feature, March 2016

Alternative Film, Feature, March 2016

Film Chamber, Feature, September 2015


Master of Fine Arts in Visual Studies, Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, OR, 2019


Master of Public Policy, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR, 2012


Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR, 2008


Publications & Reviews

Boyd, Heather. Pedagogy Series: Critique, Engage, Inspire. Discursive Impulses. November, 2018.


Boyd, Heather. TBA Review Series: AFTER. Discursive Impulses. October, 2018.


Boyd, Heather. NYC Review Series on Maria Nepomuceno: Sikkema Jenkins & Co. Discursive Impulses. May, 2018.


Inderbitzin, Michelle and Heather Boyd. 2009. “William J. Chambliss.” In Fifty Key Thinkers in Criminology, edited by K. Hayward, S. Maruna, and J. Mooney. Routledge.                                           


Presentations and Panels

Graduate Student Panel on Pedagogy: Critique, Engage, Inspire Presented at the Hallie Ford School of Graduate Studies Symposium, PNCA, 2018


Innovative Teaching Techniques: Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program Presented at the Pacific Sociological Association in Portland, OR, 2008


Student’s Perspective on the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program Presented at the Triad Faculty Club, 2008



Caldera, October 2018



Co-founder and Co-curator of The Waiting Room Gallery, 2018


Awards and Honors

MFAVS Thesis Writing Award, 2019

Graduate Teaching Assistant Position for Photography, PNCA, 2019

Laura Russo Memorial Scholarship, 2018

Graduate Teaching Assistant Position for Sociology, OSU,  2009-2011

Interviewed for the OSU Alumni Association for the Oregon Stater on my Research, and MPP Program, Spring 2011

Charles E. Starnes Award for Best Sociology Paper, 2007-2008

Diversity in Achievement Scholarship, 2004-2008

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