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wish you were here

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Blue Sky Gallery


Wish You Were Here, is an exhibition of film photographs that explore the loneliness and escapism that has accompanied the isolation of the pandemic quarantine. These images are constructions of longing, as if reconstituted from a memory or dream. Although psychological suffering and anguish are universally experienced, the way we suffer and what we lament are also uniquely personal. I reconfigure this sense of memory by constructing a set of a longed for destination or tourist vignette within a familiar and domestic home environment.  The contrast between the scene and venue creates an airy and awkward tension that is both universal and specific, producing a third space between privacy and performance. 

Each of the constructed sets, act as artifacts akin to travel postcards or snapshots which are then the foundation for the accompanying photo series Shrines.


Shrines, presents durational acts of devotion that proceed over time and contrast with the static capture of a moment in Wish You Were Here.  The intimate and devotional acts in Shrines are to a hope, a memory, a diversion from loneliness, or a humorous means of mental escape

Model and PA - Sarah Cabbell

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